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- At work, having cell phone numbers of your colleagues
- This is where ultrasonic cleaners score a point over more traditional methods
- Innovative leader in each of three new productsTextile

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- Pongee fabric
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Innovative leader in each of three new productsTextile is a long wing export-oriented enterprises, export share of 60%, last year's financial crisis, a great impact on the export business.When the crisis subsided slowly, the taste of the sweetness of a long wing Textile Machinery Co. Long-wing national new textile equipment textile machinery industry,
the first members of the League of technological innovation, R & D in the duplex composite fancy twisting machine, one-step deceleration twisting machine of steel to make lifting devices 7 innovations won the national patent Another is to declare the number of invention patents. In addition, in order to expand product market share abroad, Fu Yueqin plans to participate this year in June in Shanghai at the ITMAAsain + CITME2100 exhibitions and every four years the European International Textile Machinery Exhibition.
 At present, the drafting of the national industry standard for precision winding machine has also been reported to the national standard committee, the company's national system of experimental base line of machines are also submitted for approval. "R & D every year about new products 3. ""One-step NC compound twisting machine" is a long wing spinning the "fist" products, the product high degree of automation, reliability, stable performance, high precision twist the yarn, 45 machine requires only a manipulation . The world's leading companies in many industries are major clients of his company's products are also exported to USA, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan and more than 10 countries and regions." I am afraid that even their own past do not believe that these are illusory figures can really translate into real productivity, and now put these figures in the Fu Yueqin eyes. Only products leading to market leadership. The industry standard has filled the domestic blank, but also to ensure that the "one-step NC compound twisting machine" quality., Ltd. does not intend to reduce the R & D investment, this company plans to invest 1.
With these non-traditional approach, long-wing spinning this original tradition of textile machinery manufacturers, branded deeply imprinted on the high-tech for the company in the transformation and upgrading of the road ahead and create the conditions for stride. Of course to do so, all depend on the support of technology.5 million yuan to 200 million for new product development.What these big companies are so popular, this traditional enterprise? The answer is "no tradition of traditional enterprises.River is located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, long-wing street Textile Machinery Co.This year in January, long-wing spinning drafting of a "one-step NC compound twisting machine," the national industry standard successfully passed the national standard committee's approval, is expected to be formally released in June. The product in the domestic market share reached 70%, has more than 20 series varieties is a key technology projects in Zhejiang Province."

This is the long wing Fu Yueqin Textile companies." "This year in January the company to achieve a good start, light orders for more than 400 million, up 200%; date of the order has more than 10 million yuan, is expected to order the whole year will reach 50 million yuan or so. "The financial crisis, export blocked, how do?"Crisis for Fu Yueqin made a surprise decision to all: just arrived in the crisis of 2008, long wings for textile machinery investment over 170 million R & D, but the crisis outbreak in 2009, when this Polyester fabric figure to more than 200 million. General Manager Fuyue Qin told reporters, "the traditional textile industry is generally a person responsible for a machine, our factory workers are generally one person is responsible for 4 to 5 sets twister, so I do not see a few people. One-step NC compound twisting machine in 2004 passed the provincial appraisal in 2005, also received the National Torch Program, Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund award, won in 2008, Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award, the state's first (set) of major technology equipment items.Of course, Fu Yueqin has no "loss. is a manufacturer of textile machinery in the traditional enterprise.." Fu Yueqin insisted develop "one-step NC compound twisting machine" the idea of national industry standards simple and makes sense., Ltd."Drafting standard National Laboratory preparationIn the long wing textile machinery, huge workshop, spinning machine to run the rumbling, the rows of yarn tube to rotate rapidly, but can not find workers in several operations.In addition to a large number of investment funds, long-wing company also has a professorial senior engineers, senior engineers, engineers, more than 60 high-quality as the main research and development team to establish the design, testing, testing center, training, test base; and Donghua University,

Zhejiang University of the close technical cooperation for the development of innovative long-wing spinning and the next step and injecting new vitality."Foreigners provide product data on the stresses, with the standard, only the data, with data there will be a trust; there is no standard, people will doubt you. Fu Yueqin of the program in the future, the company reported an annual drafting of industry standards.Today, innovation has become a long-wing spinning up and down the staff consensus, the company agree that each employee has the concept of enterprise development

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